Bulldog puppies

Sweet and reliable, bulldogs are pets everyone wants to have. Popular for their sweet and calm demeanor, who have thought they were developed from a very violent history. french-bulldog-puppyTheir name came about because of their past in bull baiting. english-bulldog-puppy-for-saleBulldogs were once known to be fierce and insensitive to pain that they are often used in a lot of dog fights. Luckily the business didn’t last long.d78a07c321f8d3755e3d726a7222d883 It’s not long that breeders thought of preserving bulldogs but without their brutal characteristics. Continue reading

Some cute teacup puppies photos (14)

Cute, Tiny Teacup Puppies

Teacup isn’t a new breed of dog, just a name used by breeder to refer to super cute, little dogs.  pomwtTeacup puppies are bred to stay small. There are as small as a teacup and could fit in the palm of your hands. cute teacup maltese puppy yorkie twinsToday the number of breeds turned into teacup puppies is increasing. The most common are Chihuahua, Shih-tzu and Maltese. Continue reading


Corgi athletic puppies

Very intelligent and always looking to please, you can’t help but fall in love with dogs. Puppies-corgi-canine-1050x1680Corgi is a herding dog breed. There are two varieties of this breed. It was thought that the Cardigan, the older breed, was brought to Cardiganshire by the Celts around 1200 BC. The Pembroke, on the other hand, originated from Pembrokeshire, Wales, thus its name. corgi-puppies-sidebysideThese two were considered the same up until 1934 when they were identified individually. While Pembroke lacks a tail, Cardigan has a long tail. Continue reading


Proud and Loving Chihuahua Puppies

Proud yet lovable and loyal, an ideal pet, that’s how dog enthusiasts describe Chihuahua. It would constantly tag along with you, you’d never feel alone. Cute-Chihuahua-chihuahuas-16094157-1280-800An excellent watchdog, it would protect your home when you’re out. Chihuahuas are loved for their affectionate and overly protective nature. chihuahua-twin-puppiesBut this could be a problem when there’s another pet to compete with for your affection. Continue reading


Loyal and calm tempered English Bulldog puppies

Bulldogs or commonly known as English Bulldogs, are muscular, heavy dog with wrinkled, grumpy face. They’re known for their distinctive pushed-in nose. outstanding-english-bulldog-puppies-503f38f5e5b6028c6ab1Square and stout looking, a bulldog has a wide and broad body, giving it a strong and powerful appearance. It’s not tall. But its playful, loyal demeanour makes up for its lack in height and size. Continue reading


Rottweiler puppies- your big and loyal companion

Big and muscular, Rottweiler is famous for its strength. Rottie, Rott, these are its two common nicknames but these dogs were primarily known as Rottweil Metzgerhund, German for Rottweil butcher dogs. Small-Rottweiler-PuppyThey were named as such for their ability to carry heavy carts of butchered meats. Now they’re primed search and rescue dogs or police dogs. tumblr_mb71mtas1t1r4geu7o1_500They’re also trained to accompany and guide the blind. But the best part is they could be your loyal and devoted companion. Continue reading


Maltese puppies, the perfect house pet

Was once owned by prince and princesses all over the world, this small, hairy breed of dogs chosen by dog owners for their well-mannered, loving characteristic. maltese-puppies-wallpaperAlthough small, it’s hardy with a sturdy, compact, fine boned body. Its coat is silky and single layered that could either be white or light ivory. Emily_MalteseThe hair could grow about 8 ½ inches. Maltese is toy dog loved and adored by many. Continue reading